Airdate: March 30, 2005
Character Focus: Locke
Boone becomes concerned when Locke suffers physical problems while they try to find a way into the mysterious hatch. Meanwhile, Jack is reluctant to help when Sawyer starts to experience excruciating headaches, and Michael and Jin struggle to communicate while working together on the raft.

What's not helping? [Nothing. Thanks anyway. Nice garden.] - to Sawyer

What was that all about? [He has headaches.] Doesn't the guy have a like truckload of Aspirin stashed away somewhere? [He says Aspirin didn't help.] - to Sun

Can I ask you a question? Say you are having bad heachaches...every day. [You okay?] Yeah, fine. [So, who are we talking about then Kate?] Sawyer. I just think there might be something really wrong with him. [And what does he think?] He says he's fine but... [Then he's fine.] You know what, he could be playing it down. There could be something... - to Jack

That's it. Get up! [What?] Get up. You're going to Jack. [Do I get a lollipop?] - to Sawyer

Would you just let him do his thing? - to Sawyer

I know he deserved it but... [He needs glasses.] - to Jack

So did you know before or after you asked him about his latest outbreak? [Well I'd answer that Kate but you know doctor-patient-confidentiality.] Of course. Thank you for helping him. I know it was probably the last thing you wanted to do. [I didn't do it for him.] - to Jack

Video Clips

Kate and Sun talk about Sawyer's headaches
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Kate asks Jack about headaches
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Kate takes Sawyer to go see Jack
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Jack examines Sawyer
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Kate mocks Sawyer about his glasses
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Kate and Jack share a moment and help Boone
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